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Datacenter: Multiplying Productivity

Efficient data center designs are now at the forefront of the industry. As technology advances, data center facilities are becoming more streamlined in their design, leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. At Benchmark Technology, we understand the importance of maximizing productivity within data center environments.

Each new data center deployment is unique, and we approach the design process collaboratively. Our certified design experts bring their extensive knowledge of industry best practices and trends to the table, helping guide informed design decisions. Whether it's a greenfield build or colocation project, we work closely with all stakeholders to unleash the full potential of your new space. Our precise design decision process ensures that power distribution redundancy, room layout, and cabling strategies are tailored to your specific needs.

Benchmark Technology supports your company by offering comprehensive services for data centers. We can assist in preparing new data centers, improving the working conditions of existing ones, and implementing measures to ensure their security against unauthorized access and potential disasters. The agreed-upon design will serve as the foundation for a complete set of detailed design documents, leaving no room for uncertainty and virtually eliminating the need for changes. This includes CAD drawings, a Bill of Materials, Scope of Work, Power Schedules, and Cabling Schedules.

A well-designed data center is only valuable when executed effectively. With a dedicated project management team by your side, we ensure that your data center is built on time and within budget. Our modular approach to building offers exceptional flexibility, enabling us to prioritize and meet the tightest deadlines. We have established a streamlined order-to-installation process that grants us fast access to a supply chain of competitively priced premier partner components. As a vendor-neutral company, we can make recommendations or work with your preferred manufacturers to meet your specific requirements.


Our comprehensive services encompass the design and build of various components within the data center, including:

  • Cabinet and Spatial Layouts: Optimizing the arrangement of cabinets and equipment within the data center for efficient use of space and ease of maintenance.
  • Power Distribution: Designing and implementing robust power distribution systems to ensure reliability, redundancy, and scalability.
  • Precision Cooling Systems: Deploying state-of-the-art cooling solutions to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring the longevity and performance of equipment.
  • Fire Protection System: Implementing advanced fire protection systems, including fire detection, suppression, and prevention measures, to safeguard the data center and its assets.
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems: Installing monitoring systems that continuously track environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and airflow, to proactively detect any anomalies and mitigate potential risks.
  • Datacenter Infrastructure Management Systems: Deploying comprehensive management systems that provide real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of data center infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Structured Cabling Pathways: Designing efficient and organized pathways for structured cabling installations, ensuring ease of maintenance, scalability, and minimizing signal interference.
  • Network-Driven Structured Cabling: Implementing structured cabling solutions that meet the specific requirements of network connectivity, delivering reliable and high-performance data transmission.
  • Carrier and Network Requirements: Addressing the unique requirements of carriers and network providers to ensure seamless connectivity and optimal network performance within the data center.
  • Hot or Cold Aisle Containment: Designing and implementing containment solutions to optimize airflow management and minimize energy consumption, promoting efficient cooling.
  • Cage Installations: Creating secure and customized cage installations to accommodate specific security needs or client preferences within the data center environment.

At Benchmark Technology, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge data center solutions that maximize productivity, reliability, and security. Our holistic approach covers every aspect of the data center lifecycle, from design to implementation, ensuring that your data center meets the highest standards of performance and efficiency. Partner with us to unleash the full potential of your data center and drive your business forward.