System Infrastructure

Whether you are setting up a new enterprise or improving an existing business, it is essential that data management and data storage are given their due importance and have a high-quality infrastructure in place. Correctly designed, functional and stable system infrastructure is a necessary base of safe and reliable IT operation, in all individual sections- starting from operating systems, client stations, mobile devices, IT control systems, management & administration to data storage. Whether you prefer WINTEL or UNIX servers, Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS), we assure you of our high standards and service. Our expertise in solutions and products offered in various industry verticals ensures fast, accurate and effective deployment.

Correctly designed, functional and stable Systems and Application Infrastructure is a necessary base of safe and reliable IT operation, In all the individual partial sections - starting from operating systems on servers, client stations and mobile devices, up to systems for IT control and administration.

The main activity of System Infra structure services is the realization of robust and safe infrastructure, bringing stable, safe and user-friendly environment at servers, client stations and mobile devices, providing the users with fast and efficient transfer and sharing of information, efficient development of type documents, and access to external and internal information. The solutions offered in this area includes operating system installation, tuning & hardening, Active directory design & Deployment Internet access monitoring & Web content Management

Benchmark assess your current messaging infrastructure, understand your current and future messaging needs, and formulate a messaging strategy and solution design to meet your business needs. Our services include deployment, planning and execution, including client installation and data migration for messaging systems and applications. We can integrate and/or consolidate your different messaging systems, linking your business units and extending your organization globally. We also offer system upgrade service for upgrades with minimal disruption of business. 

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