Information Network Infrastructure

The base of automation either in business, building, campus or community is the building information network: a flexible and scalable communication infrastructure that serve as a foundation for all other systems. An intelligent building infrastructure- structured cabling systems, is the most basic building block of information network that harness technology and link building to business systems in order to achieve more efficiency, higher productivity, better security and better comfort. The layer on top of structured cabling is the building information networks which include switches, routers etc. together forms an IP based Network. The next layer comprises of applications or systems such as unified communications, mobility and building automations.

Unified communication delivers telephony, video conferencing, rich media and collaboration tools for increased productivity. At Benchmark we have strong technical expertise and years of experience in delivering projects to customer satisfaction coupled with unique creative approach starting from the very basic building block of cabling, whether it is inside or outside plant cabling to sophisticated applications of unified communication and mobility.

  • Intelligent Building/Campus Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Information Network