Datacenters whether supporting the needs of a single company or hosting tens of thousands of client applications are essential to the flow, processing and storage of information. As such they have to be extremely reliable and secure while being able to accommodate growth and reconfiguration. Preparing the datacenter requires special attention in access to power, amount of cooling, and level of redundancy, setting up of pathways, strictness of security and type & capacity of media used inside.

A datacenter is the heart of an organization's operations. Your organization might have invested millions in data center technologies-but that’s no guarantee that your spending will generate return on investment. Too many data centers are expensive, difficult to manage and fail to meet business needs. With multiple vendors and fast-changing technologies, it’s a challenging balancing act to implement the right mix of systems to meet your organization’s evolving demand

Since the purpose of a datacenter is to run the applications that handle the core business and operational data of the enterprise, loss of productivity from unavailable data center services can cost millions of Riyals per hour. More significantly though, there can be longer-term consequences even after systems are restored. Managing data center is not a core area of competence for most corporations, and the costs and risks associated with ineffective management can be critical.

Our offering in this area includes but not limited to Review existing infrastructure and merge with clients future needs to devise a proposed design; Translate the proposed design into tangible documentation and review with Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Engineering firms and formulate adequate cooling and power requirements.

We offer our professional services in the areas of design and implementation, datacenter preparation and management solution starting from very basic site preparation activities such as raised floor, false ceiling, raceways & path ways to electromechanical components such as precision air conditioners, power and UPS, fire detection and protection of your valuable and expensive equipment. Furthermore we have strong partnerships that focus on the data center monitoring & management application there by extending their strength, know-how and experience to our esteemed clients.

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