Building Automation

An intelligently automated building enables property owners to make their property stand out with advanced services and thus increasing the value and creating new revenue streams. An intelligent building automation system enables facility managers to manage resources in a better way, improve community safety, reduce energy costs and control virtually every system from a central location.

By network-enabling possible building subsystems quickly and cost-effectively, our solution make it possible to create an intelligent environment that provide the foundation for streamlined, single, efficient, safety, reduce energy costs and control virtually every system from a central location.

Our solution offerings in this area includes but not limited to
  • Secure and Automated entries
  • Distributed Audio Video
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • Environmental Control
  • Entertainment

Automation covers anything that gives you remote or automatic control of devices or utilities around your building. The use of computer controls and other devices allows the property to be operated in a variety of ways. The use of technology in our buildings is taking a leap forward. It reveals a future in which we will have Smart buildings that can be programmed to give us the environment we want using domestic devices in much more intelligent ways.

Our Intelligent Buildings initiative focuses exclusively on hospitality, healthcare, commercial and residential buildings. We use technology to deliver a converged infrastructure, which positively impacts ROI by reducing project costs, increases a building’s operational efficiency and enables owners and operators to create new business models and revenue streams. Benchmark Technology have structured methodology and required technical knowledge to create new paradigm for the design and integration of building systems that provides you the opportunity to lower costs dramatically, improve services and improve productivity on almost every level.

  • Access Control Solutions
  • Audio/Video Solutions
  • IP CCTV / Video Surveillance Solutions